Other webcomics that readers of Ultraviolents may enjoy! This isn’t everything I read, but it’s a good chunk of it.

Exorcism Academy

Ethan, a cadet exorcist, finds himself being seduced by his demon partner Al, but their unexpected romance is destined for darkness when human and demon worlds collide!

Eclipse of the Son

Sunny Albright tries to navigate early adulthood, being closeted, ascending to godhood, and being pursued by a gorgeous and terrifying man. Hunter is driven by the iron will of his instincts, but something keeps him from killing this new Solaris too soon. Jonathan Hemlock gets to know his nephew for the first time, and doesn’t yet realize his past will collide with Sunny’s future sooner rather than later. Tony Montanari has a connection with Hemlock that runs deeper than most people realize, and provides unwavering support. Conner and Heather are just normal kids going to school, happy and oblivious to the storm secretly brewing around their friend.

Keeping Time

In 2008, just as the postpunk revival fades from the airwaves, Daniel returns to his hometown for the first time since his twin sister, Alex, died. Resigned to living his life in the colorless grief he’s accustomed to, he is wholly unprepared for his high school friend, Denver, to burst back into his life.

Bicycle Boy

Our protagonist–a cyborg who calls himself ‘Poet’–cannot recall anything before the day he woke up in the middle of the desert, surrounded by corpses.

With no memories, no purpose and no idea what the hell is going on, he sets out to find answers.

Crossed Wires

A gang of queer hackers uncover a corporate conspiracy.


Hole centers on 27 year old Jane Nowak who is forced to confront her tumultuous past when the ghost of her childhood best friend/rival Asenath “Nat” White begins to torment her. As the haunting takes its toll on Jane, forcing her deeper into a spiral that affects her performance at her job and tanking her mental health, she must relive the trauma of what happened between her and Nat in high school and the bodies left in their wake.


Kingfisher is an 1920s occult mystery series about wannabe scholar Seymour and his friend/roommate/bodyguard Gabriel trying to survive in a strange city while deciphering the secrets of an even stranger puzzle, the Kingfisher Box. Together, they hunt thieves, dodge the police, and look too close into the unknown while navigating their relationship with each other.


While a tourist destination boasting a popular beach and boardwalk, Port City is also home to ROMAN LABS, an aerospace-turned-tech company now floundering in the tech boom.

Rafael and Royal are each listless in their own lives as longtime locals with little mobility, whose orbits have only occasionally overlapped, until now. Turning a job at the lab into a last-ditch effort for a glimpse of a more equitable future brings Royal and Rafael together, and beaches Kas, a young physicist, on Port City’s shores.

Together they seize the opportunity to alter their future and carve out a place in time for themselves, finally shaking the town and their lives from standstill.

The Priestwife

The Priestwife is a black and white weird fantasy/horror comic about learning to live with impossible situations and reevaluating one’s meaning to other people.

It tells the story of a man struggling with a terrible curse in a world riddled with such. Initiated as a Knight of the Bell—a requirement for his ritual wedding to one of the servants of the enigmatic Tower—this divine second chance sees him escorting his sacred spouse, the High Priest, as they pursue problems that only one of the Tower’s beloved can solve. Whether he’s the best choice for this task remains to be seen.


A world rising from the ashes of destruction where humans thrive only through their tenuous alliance with magical Satyr. Graduation at the academy is only a few days away, and the days are numbered for Philo- a young Satyr about to finish dead last in his class. When he’s paired together during training with the aloof star student Atlas, his magic backfires, sending them both far from home and setting events into motion neither of them could have possibly predicted.

Lies Within

Lysander lacks direction in his life… though he seems to be the only one who doesn’t mind. He’s content to live rent-free under his sister’s roof, get high, watch monster movies, and canoodle with Simon, the new neighbour who moved in a few months ago.

When Lys is attacked one night by a strange intruder in his kitchen, it’s soft, quiet Simon who comes to his aid. In the process, he exposes Lys to a deadly secret:

Monsters are real, and they’re tired of living humanity’s shadow.

O Sarilho

An ancient satellite falls into enemy territory. The Kirchhoff brothers, Mikhail and Nikita, are dispatched along with a small team of soldiers to collect the remains of this relic, thought to be in space for over five hundred years. But did not consider that, just beyond the edge of the empire, their enemies would be interested on that technology as well…

River St

There is a River wherever lost souls wander. Drake is the newly minted reaper of the New Orleans River St. He’s feeling quite unprepared for the job and equally unhappy with the fact that his reaper’s touch is a literal buzzkill to any potential dates with the living. Luckily he gets assigned a reaper’s escort to show him the ropes, who just so happens to be a vampire, and just so happens to be Drake’s type.

Little Death

Little Death follows Ellery Firth, a trans guy attending boarding school, who is pulled into a dark fantasy world filled with monsters, sex, and danger by a vile, yet alluring lich warlord named Callisto. The lich, who has been spying on Ellery for quite some time, takes a strong fascination with him, and sees Ellery’s susceptible mind as an instrument only he can masterfully tune.

Into the Smoke

Spirit medium Blaze is a disaster at life but an expert at death. As a self-proclaimed spirit therapist, he’s never lost a soul to the smoke. But when he discovers Alastor, the vengeful ghost of a murdered hitman, he’s forced to bind the ghost to his own soul to keep him from killing again. As he unravels the conspiracy behind Alastor’s death, he learns Alastor isn’t the only one looking for a new victim.